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Daniel Munro

Kroměříž, Czechia | Member since May 03, 2017
Confidence Coach, Founder of New Zealand's premier - and now international - self-development community The Brojo, and bestselling author of The Legendary Life and Nothing To Lose. Dan Munro spent most of his life as a people-pleasing Nice Guy who was controlled by his social anxiety and deep toxic neediness to be perfect. After a painful journey through rejection, physical transformation and starting up a business, Dan has discovered how to create true inner confidence through valued living and honesty, and wishes to share it with the world before it's too late.
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Kroměříž, Czechia
Posted 2 years ago

Do you see yourself as a People Pleaser or "Mr Nice Guy"? I know how it feels. I spent most of my life trapped in a prison of approval-seeking behaviors: - tryi...

Posted 2 years ago

30min Confidence Upgrade Coaching Session We all need a quick boost sometimes. Confidence and self-worth constantly fluctuates, and sometimes we need someone to...

Posted 2 years ago

I’ve broken down the concept of confidence into practical, measurable steps that incorporate your core values into a confidence blueprint called The 3X Model Th...

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