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Sylvie De Gil

Greater Los Angeles Area | Member since May 08, 2017

I believe that my mission throughout life has been guided by the question "What should I bring to the people that combines my three passions and professions?"
Professional studies, traveling experiences and living in different countries, have led to my successful coaching career. 

Fashion, nutrition, and spirituality have consistently presented themselves throughout the various stages of my life.

I founded Jomsy, Inc. coaching, consulting, and courses located in the Los Angeles Fashion District. 
With my knowledge and experience in the industry, I desire to help and motivate aspiring designers trying to get into the industry.

Jomsy, Inc. provides beginners, as well as experts, with coaching and support throughout the entire fashion designing process from A to Z. 

You can find my last book on Amazon to get all the steps to begin a new career.

While working in the fashion industry, I studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a registered holistic practitioner and speaker at conferences all over the world. I consulted models on how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. 

I wrote a book “How To Lose Weight Well & Fast,” in addition to coaching and giving consultations in three different languages.

Monthly, I write for Consumer Health Digest’s “Expert Panel,” contributing articles expanding on my health background. 

Most recently, I launched a blog Sixty And Not A Granny to prepare women for the golden age of life after 60! I encourage this new generation of women to have big dreams and to pursue their passions and/or professional careers. 

My goal is for you to identify your life purpose, or “Big Picture” as I call it, and to break any “Mountains of Fear” residing in your minds. I help you propel your life upwards, and onto the path of your highest self!

In short, I am a working-waterholic, wife, and devout-mother, born in Paris and living between Los Angeles and New York. I enjoy life and guiding people to reach their personal, professional and spiritual goals. 

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Skills & Experience

Fashion Consultant - Advanced

Fashion Designer - Advanced

Fashion Writer - Advanced

Coach - Advanced

Branding Consultant - Advanced

Social Media Consultant - Advanced

French - Advanced

Spanish - Advanced

Nutrition - Advanced

Spirituality - Advanced

Life Coach - Advanced

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Greater Los Angeles Area
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