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Gleb Alikhver

Suwanee, GA, United States | Member since May 09, 2017
Math teacher for 10 years and a part time self- help expert! I teach Math for grades 9 to 10 (Algebra 1 to Geometry) and I help you be yourself, like a less expensive physician. However, not a great spelling expert and a great friend. I always complete my promises, and I promise to help you. I will do everything in my power to give you an A on that test, or to make your life go right. If I can help you with anything, anything at all, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I am only online from 6 to 7 most nights.
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Suwanee, GA, United States
Posted 2 years ago

From describing data to trigonometry, I teach/tutor everything you learn through the courses of Algebra One to Geometry, and soon Pre-Calculus. If you're a stud...

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