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Donna Ross

Alberta, Canada | Member since May 10, 2017
I have taught for the past 40 years, 28 in Kindergarten and pre-K but I have experience in pre-K to Gr 9 having worked in a medium sized school. I have worked with autistic students, ESL students, special needs students, and regular students. I have seen dyslexic issues and helped students deal with that challenge. I have seen about 6 different reading programs come and go. I know what works in Kindergarten. I have lots of resources and tons of experience. I have also trained 15 educational assistants in my career, most who have gone on to work in the school in various capacities. One even has gone on to University to become a teacher.
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Alberta, Canada
Posted 2 years ago

Tips on teaching Literacy in Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten. I have taught 4&5 year old children for the past 25 years. We will begin with teaching their nam...

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