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Jacob Cass

New York, NY, United States | Member since December 21, 2016
Jacob Cass is a prolific graphic designer who runs the popular design blog, Just Creative, which doubles as his graphic design & branding firm. Jacob’s clients includes the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Disney, Nintendo, Powerade and his award winning work has been recognized world wide and was even declared the “top graphic designer in NYC” by The New York Post. He has a strong personal following of 79,000 Twitter followers and his websites have been viewed over 4 billion times. Visit for my work!
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Design - Advanced

User Experience Designer - Advanced

Brand Management - Advanced

Web Design - Advanced

New York, NY, United States
Posted 2 years ago

Discover what it takes to brand (or rebrand) your business for success. We talk logos, color psychology, typography, brand positioning and what's required to ta...

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