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Olga Davydova

Moscow, Russia | Member since May 15, 2017
Hello, my name is Olya. I am a director of multimedia who likes to illustrate, wife and a mom of the little one. Here you can find some tips and tricks about vector illustration, traditional art, lettering and sometimes about motion design. Feel free to write me what would you want to see here. Maybe some tuts about lettering or something else. I am going to help you explore the endless world of digital art and going to up my levels with you. How it all has to work? You choose an illustration from my dribbble portfolio (exept of commision illustrations) and I'll explain you how to do the same.
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Character Design - Advanced

Vector Art - Advanced

Lettering - Advanced

Moscow, Russia
Posted 2 years ago

I'll show you how to use basic tools in Adobe Illustrator to create pretty and trendy pictures. You'll know how to make seamless patterns, flat icons, objects a...

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