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Johann van den Heever

Cape Town | Member since May 16, 2017
My story began at 18 months old when I lost my right hand. I sat on the concrete railing of a balcony's, which gave way and I was dropped. The broken pillar landed and crushed my right hand, severing nerves and veins in the process. Informed that there was no hope, my father asked the doctors to do what they could and try what they have not. Not long after the amputation he build the first prosthetic hand from dentist materials in South Africa. He later fought in parliament for prosthetic limbs to assist those without. From a young age I learned that anything was possible. Often frustrating, but possible. At age 5 I learned that nobody was looking at my hand (or the lack of one) and realized that ones own fears limit you more that the realistic dangers we face. Perhaps not in these words, but the shame of being unique reseeded. Like everyone, I have failed more times than I can could count, but I have also succeeded more times than I care to remember. I am blessed with a family of my own, a wonderful wife and the best boy in the world, naturally. My experiences include sales, a brief study at the school of Opera, International Athlete, I've climbed grade 19 rock faces, Research, Developed an Free Insurance policy, Designed and created the Volume Ponics (R) Hydroponics system to assist in food security where Government was my first client, patented a few amateur designs, started a number of businesses or serial entrepreneur, negotiated amicable circumstances and wrote my first and soon to be published e-book called "The Reality of Results'. Currently I am studying the habits of those extra ordinary people among us, busy creating a new sport and passionately active in helping people create their own circumstances using my core model which I eventually called, Heever's Reality. For the purpose of this platform, it is my experience and work in this field that I am happy to assist however I can.
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