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Sam Lowe

Cincinnati Area, KY | Member since May 17, 2017
I was trained as an illustrator and photographer, and after my first stint in a small business-to-business agency where everyone was “hands-on” back in the pre-internet ‘80’s, I soon found myself incorporating copywriting into my skill set. Over time, I became obsessed with the process and importance of correctly understanding a client’s business needs, and then the art of translating those needs to creative teams. I call it “Packaging the Assignment,” and it is the most foundational skill I believe creative people need if they aspire to be effective Creative Directors. Over 3 decades later, I’ve served as Creative Director, VP Creative Director, and Chief Creative Officer of many successful organizations contributing to the effectiveness of communications work for consumer packaged goods, business to business brands, healthcare, and more.
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Cincinnati Area, KY
Posted 2 years ago

Are you a graphic designer, copywriter, or art director wanting to move up to Creative Director? These one-on-one mentoring sessions will help you translate you...

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