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June Marshall-Kingsley

Moraga | Member since May 17, 2017
June Marshall has spent a lifetime using her spiritual gifts to aid people in their personal growth and to calm their turmoil. Through her guided meditations, past life regressions, and cohesive view of the power within, she offers a peaceful, safe retreat into the silence of your inner self. June began her spiritual life at the age of five with the revelation that she could not play hide and seek with God, since God is everywhere, in everything and everyone. She continued at the age of 12 to study Zen, Sufi, Hindu and Western religious theology, reading widely from the literature and studying the masters. In 1980, in her thirties, she backpacked from the tip of Southern India (Kerala) to Rishikesh and finally Badrinath in the Himalayas, staying in ashrams (spiritual retreats) and listening to the teachings of the holy men and women (Jain), sadhus and sanyasis. In Badrinath she spoke with and observed the naked nagas (ascetics), who lived with inner joy and discipline in icy temperatures, owning nothing, and inhabiting caves and forests by the Ganges. She incorporates the teachings of Alan Watts, Gurdjieff, Ram Dass, Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, Seth, Krishnamurthi, Victor Frankl, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Sri Aurobindo, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and many spiritual teachers, into her unique philosophy of inner and outer healing. June Marshall conducts one-on-one sessions with professionals as diverse as psychotherapists and artists, dentists, physicians, musicians, teachers and people who are still discovering their purpose in life. She also teaches classes on Past Lives Regression, Soul Mate Encounters, Aura and Out-of-body Experiences, and other metaphysical topics. She has led numerous group past life regression sessions as well. "We are all composed of energy. At the deepest level, our eternal soul is connected to Universal Source Energy. We are more than physical. Vast, unseen, and eternal, we are also Eternal Souls."
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Spiritual - Advanced

Spirituality - Advanced

Posted 2 years ago

Begin your inner journey to the self that has always been you. The first part of this course presents theories of the immortal soul and its reincarnation. Durin...

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