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Pedro Rosario

Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic | Member since May 18, 2017
I see the world as a never ending story full of interesting things waiting to be unhidden. So I find delight in learning and experimenting in photography, traveling, motion graphics, drumming, math, and physics. My country is full of colors and interesing people even in the most remote areas. Photography allows me to capture those kodak moments when you feel like the time has halted. I've always dreamt of learning how to play the drums. I'm now a grown up so I just got my first kit two years ago. As someone who is been through anxiety this has helped me a lot to increase my attention span which also does the same for non anxious people. A couple of church friends and I host a radio program for which I am responsible in the areas of editing, photography and motion graphics. So I've learnt several cool things to make with the wide array of editing, motion gaphics, and color correction softwares I use. I'm a devout catholic so I'm well versed in catholic teaching. Physics, Math and Sciend are my favorite science fields.
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Photography - Advanced

English Tutor - Advanced

English Teacher - Advanced

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Physics - Intermediate



Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic
Posted 2 years ago

Most people think photography is all about pointing and shooting. However, the best photos you see NEVER come from Instagram photographers. I'll show how the id...

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