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Alexander Cushing

Greater Boston Area | Member since May 19, 2017
I am a senior Computer Science student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. With a growing desire to learn more and more, I have developed a strong background in computing. My interests include web development and software development. So far, my related work includes time as a co-op analytical services software developer for Putnam Investments. At Putnam, I worked on several web pages that interact with the Oracle SQL database and also worked on several Python scripts. One of these programs was a system that allows employees to text in that they were sick or late to work and notify the necessary managers, it would also retrieve employee schedules on request. I have also been involved in my own work with colleagues which has improved my experience and understanding of programming. This year I have been involved in a full stack website for topic based live chat rooms, called Roomio ( Roomio was developed with Reactjs, Laravel, Node, and Last year, I worked on Prism (, a full stack website that is a portfolio social network for photographers. Alex Cushing
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Greater Boston Area
Posted 2 years ago

Simple start in creating an application using react. We will use Create React App, es6 notation, and more!

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