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Juan Pablo Eskildsen W.

Panama | Member since May 21, 2017
Executive & Life Coach turned renewable energy entrepreneur with regional experience in areas such as strategy, HR, training and development, innovation and creativity. Founded Proximus Corporation in 2010 in order to help Panama and the Central American region apply the concept of innovation to any area of business and life. Founded Gasolina Solar in 2015 as a solar energy startup in Panama and the Central American region. Certified in TRIZ - Systemic Innovation by ICG Training and Consulting & the European TRIZ Association since 2010. Certified Coach by the International Coaching Community since 2007. Written extensively in topics as social innovation and self-innovation for leaders. Trainer, speaker and coach with more than 12,000 hours of experience in LATAM region.
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We came here to serve. We can serve our country, our family, our friends and we can also serve in our jobs. But why is serving others while getting paid in a da...

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