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Ouail Bendidi

Nantes, France | Member since May 22, 2017
Artificial Intelligence is no longer a product of science fiction ,it is becoming more and more a reality. As an active Artificial Intelligence engineer , I have a great amount of knowledge to share about this exciting field. I started my studies in computer science, then followed with a specialization in Data science and machine learning specifically. Later on I moved to deep learning , to harness the power of deep neural networks and GPU to create truly intelligent and autonomous pieces of software that are capable of amazing stuff , such as learning to write story's and essays, to compose music ,to play games,to detect objects or describe images.... In the courses that I propose I will teach you step by step how to create such systems, how they work, and how to apply them in either personal project or business.
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Python Developer - Advanced

Artificial Intelligence - Advanced

Machine Learning - Advanced

Data Science - Advanced

Python - Advanced

Nantes, France
Posted 2 years ago

In this Class we will learn about about a simple structure called Logistic regression , and we will use it to successfully classify Images of digits. Also we wi...

Posted 2 years ago

This first class will be a gentle introduction to deep learning , starting from a brief brush up on some necessary mathematical knowledge ( simple math, nothing...

Posted 2 years ago

In this 3rd Class we are Finally ready to start working on Neural Networks, we will be introducing the famous Multi Layer Perception Neural network , and use it...

Posted 2 years ago

Now that we are more familiar with neural network, we will move to one of the most used in Computer vision , the convolutional neural network, it is the sate of...

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