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Keith Connolly

Phoenix, Arizona Area | Member since May 22, 2017
[| Engineer || Entrepreneur || Hacker || Author || Polyglot || Full Stack: Ruby, Python, Javascript, Go, PHP |] I wrote my first line of code at age 5, my first commercial product was released when I was 11 years old and started and ran an MMORPG from the age of 13 for over 10 years. Since then, I have worked with companies and individuals ranging from single-person start-ups to massive fortune 500 companies. I've started companies and sold companies. I know more than a dozen programming languages and am always improving and learning more. I love what I do and that alone is a motivating force for me. I strive to excel in my field, both personally and professionally. Specialties: Web (HTML, JS, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc.), Mobile (Android, iOS (Swift, Obj-C), BlackBerry), Desktop (Cocoa, C, C++, C#), Video Game Development, and Tessellation Mathematics, and much more.
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Skills & Experience

HTML5 & CSS3 - Advanced

Ruby - Advanced

JavaScript - Advanced

PHP - Advanced

Node.js - Intermediate

Phoenix, Arizona Area
Posted 2 years ago

Want to learn programming? Already know some basic programming but want to learn python? Simply want to make your own utilities or work with an experienced prog...

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