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James Roberts

Palm Beach, FL, United States | Member since May 28, 2017

James L Roberts is the first born bastard child with three half siblings of an alcoholic mother. Adopted twice by alcoholic stepfathers, James matured quickly in a low income quality of life otherwise known as poverty. While there are a lot of success stories of alcoholics who have found the help they needed and became renown influential and wealthy individuals, this is not on of those stories. James began educating himself in the world of business as he was learning to read. This helped him to develop his creative and critical thinking skills as well as complex problem solving and communication skills from a very early age. These skills were constantly being applied and developed as James found ways to create value and generate cash flow for himself. At thirteen years of age, James's knowledge and skills were put to the test as he advised his second alcoholic stepfather through the process of starting his own business, Jack's Auto-Body in 1975. This business grew into a successful family business spanning three decades in Palm Beach County Florida. From these humble beginnings James moved on to create Strategic Life, Entrepreneurship, & Wealth Consulting (SLEW Consulting) in order to help individuals, families, and business from startups to fortune 500 corporations successfully achieve their desired goals in the core areas of life, entrepreneurship/business/career development, and wealth accumulation and management. The SLEW Consulting proprietary processes and procedures were developed to produce results where other methods simply fail. James is a global expert in "WHY" individuals, families, and business fail in achieving their desired results, be it objectives, goals, or dreams in life, business, and wealth. James is also a global expert in "HOW" to successfully achieve desired objectives, goals, and dreams in life, entrepreneurship/business/career and wealth. James personally developed the proprietary process and successfully implemented it in over 200 countries and in every economic condition and is thus able to provide a system that works when properly applied. 

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Palm Beach, FL, United States
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