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Austin, TX, United States | Member since May 28, 2017
I am a World-Traveled Historian with two degrees, one in Medieval History and the other in Archaeology. I have made a lifetime of the pursuit of unlocking the deepest of mysteries that make up our human existence. Aside from History, I am also a Cyber-Security Expert and the Vice-President of ProbitSystems, an Enterprise Class Software solution. I am an accomplished painter and a published author. Feel free to check out my website at
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Austin, TX, United States
Posted 2 years ago

How would you like to see History come to life?   How would you like to ''un'-learn'' the things you have accepted as truth?         I am a Historian that ties...

Posted 2 years ago

THREE KINGS - THREE BATTLES - ONE EPIC YEAR - 1066 From the Author of ''The Three Kings'' Almost a thousand years ago, something happened - the epic Battle of H...

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