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Sathvik Ponangi

Hyderabad, India | Member since May 31, 2017
Sathvik Ponangi is a Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development veteran who has been running a Software Solutions and Consulting Firm called Doers’ Guild Doers' Guild provides customised software solutions for E-&M-commerce, surveys & data collection, social networking and engagement on the web. Along with guiding, training and mentoring various interns, employees, clients and leaders from other startups over the years, also led an intensive “Basics of the Web Course” conducted simultaneously across colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana via Webcast, by APSSDC in 2015 (and again in 2017) as a part of their "Student B.Tech Projects and Skills Training" programme
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Laravel - Advanced

Hyderabad, India
Posted 2 years ago

To help you learn everything you need to become a viable full-stack web developer, capable of taking on real-world work, primarily through experiential learning...

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