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Saptarshi Nath

Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh | Member since June 01, 2017
Digital art. Internet illustration. Industrial design. These are the heart and soul of online business. They're the creative power that makes the digital age so enticing, yet so profitable. But almost no one knows how to make that creative power get them success. You can see the value that top quality branding brings. Everyday you see businesses like Apple that prioritize design dominate the market. Maybe you're thinking, 'that could be me?' You know what? You're right. It could be you. All you'd need to find is the right person, someone with that entrepreneurial spirit that creates successful design. Today's your lucky day. You've found the right person. I'm Saptarshi, entrepreneur designer and branding expert. I create designs that build your business, dollar by dollar. From graphics to web, from branding to print, from industrial to packaging, I've done it all. And I've done it all successfully, building partners the revenue they needed with design that sells. Do you want to design that sells? Do you want beauty that makes customers buy and builds your fortune?
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Logo Design Service - Advanced

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Digital Art - Intermediate

Typography - Intermediate



Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
Posted 2 years ago

Branding and Corporate identity may look deep waters for some, but it isn't if you are prepared.A creative mind combined with sound technical knowledge will go...

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