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Bruno Škvorc

Čakovec, Croatia | Member since June 02, 2017
I'm a freelance developer and cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor from Croatia a dual Master's degree in English language and literature and Computer Science. I work as the senior editor for in the PHP department, and I'm a developer evangelist for, an interesting San Francisco startup which crawls and scrapes the entire web with machine learning and computer vision. I'm a prolific technical writer with hundreds of tutorials behind me, and I love sharing what I learn with others. Author of the ultimate book on setting up PHP environments:, avid board gamer, enthusiastic VR gamer, and treadmill-desker. I own a beagle, run, and rant a lot on Twitter:
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Skills & Experience

PHP - Advanced

JavaScript - Intermediate

Html - Advanced

Technical Writing - Advanced

Writing - Advanced

Writing Articles - Advanced

Writing Blogs - Advanced

Writing Editing - Advanced

Mysql - Advanced

Health - Advanced

Health And Fitness - Advanced

Weight Loss - Advanced

Čakovec, Croatia
Posted 2 years ago

Ever since it stepped onto the PHP scene, Composer has revolutionized the whole landscape of how we develop PHP apps. It added autoloading, package retrieval, c...

Web development

HTML Basics

Posted 2 years ago

Ahh HTML. The lingua franca of the web. Well, one of several at least. You've heard of it, you've seen it, but you don't understand it. In this quick overview,...

Posted 2 years ago

Got some HTML basic knowledge inside you? It's time to step it up and get your hands a little dirtier. We'll be explaining more complex HTML topics, making HTML...

Web development

PHP 7.1 Basics

Posted 2 years ago

PHP - the language that powers over 80% of the entire web. It's here to stay and it's getting better every day. Learn why it's cool, why it'll stay cool, and wh...

Posted 2 years ago

Many people dive into PHP using one of the pre-compiled packages like WAMP, XAMPP, EasyPHP, or MAMP. This is a fatal mistake, and I'm here to set things straigh...

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