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Bangor, United Kingdom | Member since June 05, 2017
i started a"beatles band"in 1975 age11,with twisted disabled hands(so anyone can play) i have played to over1k people many times,recorded my songs since i started and multitrack recorded from1988,i have taurt 2 that became national champions and 2 that became music teachers.i never learn music,just learn the long 2000 i won a comp in the world song writers guild,to record and produce our own songs,4 generations of my family play guitar,.im sure it was my higher self using fame as a way to get me to go beyond myself with my hands,i never got the fame,but i did get the music
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Bangor, United Kingdom
Posted 2 years ago

i have played guitar since starting a band in 1975 age11..i know the short cuts,i went the long way

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