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Fionn Lee

Uppsala, Sweden | Member since June 15, 2017

Currently a freelance artist who loves comics and beautiful illustrations! 

Previously I studied Fine Arts at Lasalle Singapore before becoming a art teacher at three companies over the last eight years. I've taught both classes and private lessons, and my students range from 5 year olds to 55 year olds :)

I'm passionate about teaching people art- I believe that art is a intrinsic part of our lives and whether it's done professionally or as a hobby, art in all its forms surrounds and enriches us. 

So if you've ever looked at someone sketching on a sidewalk or wished you could draw a portrait of a family member for a present and felt you couldn't, just drop me a line and some questions! You could be drawing in no time!

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Drawing - Intermediate

Painting - Intermediate

Writing - Intermediate

Makeup - Novice

Uppsala, Sweden
Posted 2 years ago

In this class we'll go through how to paint digitally- the default software is Photoshop, but I also work in Paint Tool Sai and Clip Studio Paint! Whether it's...

Posted 2 years ago

Learn the basics of drawing, from rendering to drawing everything in correct proportion! The class starts out with pencil, but you can also opt to draw with pen...

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