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Wayne Brown

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | Member since June 18, 2017

I used to struggle with approaching women, having a quality conversation and getting them onto a date.

Yes, I have been married twice before and both times they were a learning experience and unfortunately, I didn't get the lesson until after I ended my second marriage. 

After the pain and struggle of my first marriage ending, I went on a journey or learning and research. I read hundreds of books about human dynamics, relationships, communication, psychology, parenting, anything that I thought might help. I went and completed course after course, both online and travelling to classes all over Australia. I spent tens of thousands of dollars learning it all and around six and a half thousand hours of learning over 16 years and still learning. I went and experimented, I used trial and error (mostly error) and in the end I created two systems that I used to find and keep my current wife (yes, number three). 

I created the "Soul Mate Fast Track" to allow me to make sense of and deal with my past, plan my future relationships so I knew what it would look like and what I had to look forward to and I also worked out how to be the best version of me that I could be. This prepared me and my life for my ideal partner to enter into it. I also created the "Better Dating Blueprint", a step-by-step process for pre-dating people to very quickly narrow down who I should be with. Using my two systems that were developed over a period of five years, I went out and spoke to over 170 women in seven weeks until I met the woman who would become my wife.

Since then, my relationship hasd grown in leaps and bounds and I now teach others to do the same using my two systems. I have had clients find their ideal partner, get married, find their first ever partner, rediscover their identity and many more results.

I help people get results through one-on-one coaching and am currently conducting in-person workshops as well. I have an eight week online course in development as well as some other resources to help people get results. I also have a quick start course called "The 7 Day Dating Challenge" so that people can get a taster for what I do as well as start to get a result and enjoy dating, regardless of where they are starting.

I look forward to one day meeting you and finding out about how your relationships and dating are fairing.

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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The 7 Day Dating Challenge

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