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Khadija khartit

Boston, MA, United States | Member since July 18, 2017

I operate in Boston, the second largest startup and tech hub in the world after Silicon Valley and the world’s capital city in education and life sciences. I have worked on the fund-raising process as an advisor, an investor and an entrepreneur. I have worked on deals ranging from $100K to $500M and on company sizes from green field business plans to $1B revenues/ $100M net income companies. I worked for and co-advised with leading investment banks such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays and Banque Populaire. I supplied investment targets to Carlyle, KKR, InvestCorp and Standard Chartered. I facilitated secondary offerings transactions on some prominent unicorns such as Lyft, Flipkart, Spotify, Dropbox, and before its acquisition by Amazon. My experience covers USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The original version of my work is in English but I can provide versions in French or Arabic if the client needs them.

I offer my extensive experience in investment banking, capital markets, and corporate finance advisory to leadership teams of companies seeking preparation for, support and advisory about capital market transactions ( sale of equity stake in the company, capital increase via issuing new shares, capital restructuring, debt capital raising, inviting strategic investors to the cap table to fulfill strategic objectives, inviting institutional investors to the cap table for pre-IPO objectives….etc.), transformative strategies, expansion to new lines of businesses or new geographies, or total pivoting, among others. Services offered: elaborate Business Plans worthy of company’s history, achievements and vision for the future, investor-ready information memorandum that covers the majority of the questions that would be asked by the investors, financial modeling and valuation of the firm after thorough discussion with management about the assumptions, the projections and the reasons behind them to build compelling and convincing arguments for the expected valuation, investor presentations, market reports, industry reports, competitive intelligence reports, fair opinion about specific projects….etc.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and I offer my experience to "visionary" entrepreneurs ready to embark into the challenging fund-raising journey. Services offered: Investor oriented business plans, business consulting - business strategy, go to market strategy development, market/competitors analysis, financial planning, investor offer evaluation, exit preparation, enterprise & equity valuation, acquirer negotiation support, entrepreneur CFO-assist, incubator admission, coaching for handling investors’ questions, terminology and mindset, stages of investments (Angel, Seed, VC rounds A, B, C, D…), dilution. Through advising a few accelerators and incubators in 3 continents, I got to review countless business plan/Investor pitches from startups. I experienced the common features among international investors’ expectations and the specifics of some markets that create peculiar expectations. As a capital market/strategy consultant, I have accompanied several companies for growth, from the early startup stages to private placement and institutionalization phases via strategy maneuvering, bi-annual business plan revisions and assessment, and via investment memoranda updates reflecting the new profile of the company and in line with the capital market’s expectations and optimization techniques.

In summary, I bring three critical areas of expertise - MANAGEMENT CONSULTING (20 years of experience in top-tier US, European multinational corporations and global banks, namely Shell, American Airlines, UBS and Exelon Energy. INVESTMENT BANKING/ VC/PE. I have an MBA, a Master’s of Science in Finance (MSF) from a top-tier school in the US. I passed the CFA accreditation, which the gold standards’ accreditation in the investment field. I have over 10 years’ experience in investment banking with high profile transactions closed spanning various sectors including, energy, manufacturing, education, technology, retail, industrial and services. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: I worked in and have extensive professional exposure to markets covering USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa. My current company’s business is divided to 50% from USA, 20% from Europe and 30% from the Middle East and Africa. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: have started and grown companies in technology, education technology, advisory, e-commerce, agriculture, and agribusiness.


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Boston, MA, United States
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