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Luz y Bernardo Trujillo

Tampa, FL, United States | Member since July 27, 2017

For over 50 years I have been giving Yoga classes.
The impact that this discipline made in my life was so great, that I wanted to share it with everyone around me.
I introduced it in two universities in my country Colombia where we are from. It was a compulsory subject in the career of Physical Education in two semesters and in Psychology in one semester.
I opened the first Yoga centers to the public in Bogota Col.
We traveled to USA in 1978 and settled in Miami Fl where two centers were opened, with students still attending my workshops,
We moved to Tampa Fl and also opened centers, where we combined, talks about healthy eating, a topic in which my Wife does very well, Yoga and my profession as a therapist. This we closed more than a year ago.
At present we continue giving workshops, in the USA and abroad. The last two in Cali Colombia and in Coatepec Mexico.
I find it very interesting to reach many people through the internert and this would be a new experience to explore.
Luis Bernardo Trujillo
Luz Marina Trujillo

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Tampa, FL, United States
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