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Mohamed Ahmed

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt | Member since August 06, 2017

Asalamu alikum, I am Mohamed a native Arabic teacher. I have been teaching English (ESL) and Arabic for four years. I worked as an Arabic teacher at Fairfield University in the United States. In addition to studying TEFL diploma certified from Oxford University, I attended educational courses and workshops in the United States.

I studied Language Education Technology class at Fairfield University to have hands-on experience of technological tools that exist today and to cope with today's learners. I also attended a United Nations event about promoting peace through education and a Fulbright conference in Washington D.C about teaching foreign languages.

Although I taught American students Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian colloquial, I have extensive knowledge of Arabic language (Modern Standard, Classical, and Local Dialects.) I wrote more than 200 educational articles for various publications, the foremost among them is Hotcourses Ltd in the UK.

I acquainted American students with the Arabic civilization by conducting cross-cultural workshops. In these workshops, I presented materials about Arab history and the Egyptian civilization, as well as helping students to study Arabic.

I hold myself to a high standard. For that reason, I always ask for feedback, and I never end a session in which the student doesn't understand or not completely satisfied with my tutoring.

I am flexible with time. I have a six hour cancelation policy. Depending on availability, I offer makeup classes.

I will provide you with free materials and free consultations by email or meeting by appointment.

I provide the tutoring sessions online. However, I am happy to travel or relocate if that is more convenient to the student.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals in your Arabic learning.

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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Posted 1 week ago

Hello and welcome to your first step into the magical Arab world. In this awesome lesson you will know amazing facts about Arab world's civilization and history...

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