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Aarthi Elumalai

Chennai | Member since August 31, 2017


I've been coding for the past 10 years. I started when I was in high shool (I was 15 then), and I fell in love with programming. I haven't fell out of love since. 

One of my passions is updating myself in the latest technologies and learning new programming languages. 

Lately, I've discovered my love for teaching and sharing my knowledge as well, which is why I'm here. 

I hope I can help you reach your learning goals. 

I have a different approach than most. I love teaching with examples, exercises and practical projects, rather than boring theories.

That's how I learn new languages, so that's how I'll be teaching. My courses and trainings will be fun but resourceful. 

You'll come out of it with practical knowledge you can use in your university projects and your job search (or promotions). 

So buckle up. You're in for one long, fun-filled ride! 

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Skills & Experience

HTML5 & CSS3 - Advanced

JavaScript - Advanced

Python - Intermediate

C++ Programmer - Intermediate

C Programming - Advanced

Algorithm - Advanced

Posted 1 year ago

Practice makes perfect. Start your journey into becoming a professional front end web developer here! I like making learning fun. Mycourses are interactive and...

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