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Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia | Member since September 09, 2017

My Name is Kanza and I am basically from pakistan but am  living in Saudi Arabia as I moved here after getting married. I have done my B.S in Clinical Psychology and now am going to start my M.S in the same subject as well. I have taught in my college for almost a year so I am good at teaching and conveying my messege clearly to my pupil. I have a different way of teaching which is not really traditional so pupil do not get bored with the subject. Furthermore, I have also done my clinical work at the Air Force Hospital and also worked at INAT as there interview panel being the only psychologist in the panel as I hve also studied Body Language. I was awarded scholarship for Women Empowerment in 2015 by U.S Department of State and completed the leadership course in The University of Kansas in two months. I have also conducted workshops and leaded projects on different current issues such as women self defense, career counselling, mental health importance and awareness, depression etc and was awarded the Best Public Speaker title of my institute. I have done many researches in my institute one of which was the research on the dark triad. And now I am writing a book for psychology students as well. 

I hope that my teaching helps people learn more and more. And I hope that I may be able to share all the information I have. 


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Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
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