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Kevin Graybill

San Luis Obispo, CA, United States | Member since October 05, 2017

I’m a consultant, and interpersonal communicaton expert, who splits his time between working remotely as Director of Operations/Regional Consultant for educational consulting group Socratic Seminars International, and operating as Founder/Director of consulting group Full Circle Dialogue.

 Socratic Seminars International specializes in training K-12 educators in how to lead and facilitate the classroom dialogue strategy “Socratic Seminars” with their students.  Socratic Seminars engage students in critical thinking/close reading, teach them how to ask better questions of each other, and instruct them in how to participate in civil dynamic conversations.  SSI has worked with public, private, and charter schools all over the United States, and I’ve been with this group since 2009.

 Full Circle Dialogue specializes in dialogue facilitation and process design,with an emphasis on using conversation as a vehicle to build community through the qualities of mindfulness, compassion, and interconnectedness.  Full Circle Dialogue works with non-profit organizations, businesses, governement agencies, retirement communities, co-working spaces, the yoga/mindfulness space, and other various environments.

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San Luis Obispo, CA, United States
Posted 1 year ago

(Part 1 of a 3 part series) INTRODUCTION TO THE ART AND PRACTICE OF DIALOGUE IN THE WORKPLACE: Build a Healthier Work Culture,Develop More Creative Solutions,Es...

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