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Michael Thompson

Nottingham, United Kingdom | Member since October 09, 2017

My name is Michael Thompson.

I live in a small village in Nottingham where Robin Hood and his merry men used to cause mischief.

I am a single parent and i have two little boys,it's hard work but i love them to bits and enjoy every day with them.

I have learned a great deal of things by being a parent and raising kids such a patience,understanding and imparting all my knowledge and wisdom which is why i believe i can be of great help to anyone seeking my help whether it be with studies or just socialising and having fun.

I enjoy spending time with my family,and of course my beautiful Fiance'.

I am also a big fan of Anime and Movies...and i draw a little too.

Look forward to working with you.

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Skills & Experience

English (uk) - Advanced

Writting - Advanced

Afrikaans - Advanced

Carpentry - Intermediate

Illustrator - Intermediate



Nottingham, United Kingdom
Languages and Linguistics

Let's learn some english shall we?

Posted 1 year ago

Hi there friends! Fancy learning some English? Let's get started right away. My name is Michael Thompson,I am a British National living in Nottingham, UK I have...

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