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Yadiel Cabrera

Tampa, Florida, Estados Unidos | Member since October 10, 2017

Coming from a family full of educators, teaching has always been present in my life. Ever since I was a child, I always liked helping others achieve their academic goals. Even though I majored in Computer Science as an undergraduate student, on my spare time I also became a programming instructor and a tutor.

As I completed my bachelor's degree, I also participated in various extracurricular activities. For instance, I was Vice-President and President of the Computer Science Student Association at my campus. During this time, I engaged with Middle and High School students in activities such as "The Computer Science High School Tour", "CompuChicas Summer Camp 2015" and "Colectivo Universitario Acceso (CUA)". "The Computer Science High School Tour" I had the opportunity to give orientation speeches to numerous middle and high school students all over Puerto Rico. In these talks, I would explain what is Computer Science and why students should consider pursuing a degree in this wonderful field. Now, on the "CompuChicas Summer Camp 2015" and CUA I had the chance to participate as a programming instructor. I gave various introductory workshops on the Java Programming language. These workshops were directed towards students of the middle and high school level. However, my passion for education was not limited to only university activities.

After class, I would also tutor students in various academic subjects. These students were in the High School and some at the College level. The subjects I tutored were Math (High School), Computer Science (College Introductory Level) and Spanish (all levels). As I have tutored over time, I have learned to apply different teaching strategies and techniques, according to the students preferred learning style.

In addition, during this time I also had the opportunity to work with students with learning disabilities (ADHD). Although it was a challenge at first, this type of experience has benefited me not only as an educator but as a person as well. I learned to tailor my teaching style for students with this need. Personally, teaching these type of students has made me a more empathetic and patient individual.

On the other hand, due to my bilingual capabilities (Spanish and English), I tutored in both languages on any of the subjects. This has helped me a lot because I have been able to tutor students from different parts of the world.

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Tampa, Florida, Estados Unidos
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