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Kendara Laurel

Denver, CO | Member since October 11, 2017

Greetings! My name is Kendara Laurel. I have been involved in Metaphysics for 40 years. I am a practicing psychic, an energy worker and teacher of Metaphysical subjects. I also organize a Metaphysical meetup group which has over 2,200 members, and invites speakers to come and share their knowledge and expertise. In addition, I run a spiritual support and discussion group for a local Spiritual Center.

I teach classes in Meditation, Energy Healing, Psychic Development, Belief Shifting, Meditation, I Ching and Tarot.

I love nothing more than helping people discover and develop their gifts. I look forward to connecting to and helping you do this. 


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Classes completed: 1
Buyers worked with: 1
Last project: 21 Nov 2017
Projects completed: 2
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Skills & Experience

Meditation - Advanced

Tarot Reading - Advanced

Tarot Reading - Advanced

Energy Healing - Advanced

Psychic Development - Advanced

Psychic - Advanced

Denver, CO
Posted 1 year ago

Everyone has Psychic Abilities. Everyone has at least one. They are Psychic Vision  (clairvoyance), Psychic Hearing, (clairaudience), Psychic Knowing (claircogn...

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Kim 30 Oct 2017

Kendara is an excellent teacher. She's easy to understand and she obviously knows the subject very well. Anyone would enjoy taking her class.

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