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Christina Pietri

Αθήνα, Κεντρικός Τομέας Αθηνών, Ελλάδα | Member since October 13, 2017


My name is Christina. 

I teach Greek and French online to students of all ages. My courses are always adapted according to the students' needs and I'm sure we can find a time and a lesson plan that works for you.

In my classes I focus on speaking and listening, but I also give homework, insist on correct grammar and try to reduce your accent. I believe the more we work on the foundations the easier it gets to speak and communicate in your target language. 


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Skills & Experience

Elearning - Advanced

Αθήνα, Κεντρικός Τομέας Αθηνών, Ελλάδα
Posted 1 year ago
Greek (modern)

Unlike its ancient counterpart, the modern language of Greece is very much alive, interesting, flexible, useful in professional environments and spoken by milli...

Languages and Linguistics

Elementary Greek for beginners - 01

Posted 1 year ago

Elementary Greek for beginners - 45' This 01 beginners' class includes the Greek alphabet and some very basic words and expressions for communication in simple...

Posted 1 year ago

This is the second part of the "Greek grammar and sentence structure" course, designed to help you define the building blocks of the Standard Modern Greek langu...

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