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Amanda Plansker

Gardiner, NY, United States | Member since October 24, 2017

Let's get started! I have worked in many industries, from event planning to cake shops to fitness. My love for event planning has never left. I also love DIY projects and creating great decor or parties on a budget! I will give tips and tricks on planning parties, diy projects, anything creative. And I am no millionare so anything I do is affordable! I will include pricing of products I use and where I got them. My videos will range from decor to food, mostly for at home events but also how to find the right venue and when to book for the best pricing. 

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Gardiner, NY, United States
Posted 1 year ago

Tips on how to turn your house into the perfect party venue! Budget friendly, fun and easy clean up! Join me as I walk you through hosting your own party or gat...

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