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Saif Mohammed

Chennai Area, India | Member since November 23, 2017

I am a user experience designer with a strong interest in business & lean thinking.

My process: Understand the problem → Research existing solutions → Brainstorm ideas → Draw → Prototype → User Test → Improve (repeat)

I started my career pretty small with front end help to users, by researching about their problems and flagging the user concerns to the engineering and product team at Google India. If you think Google News is awesome, may be there was a 2 cent credit I can take ;)

How I got into User Experience? During the above projects, I discovered that my interests lay at a deeper level of thought. My main interests include creating products, devising experiences. I seek to discover what the user really needs, to view the world from their perspective and experience their lives. A motivating team player who wants to co-create products & services that make lives of people more convenient and fun. I have a hands-on mentality, don’t make big plans upfront, but think, create and test, to validate the assumption. With contagious enthusiasm, I motivate people to think out of the box, rethink logic and create awesome stuff that works. I am specialized in designing user experiences and interfaces.

From research to personas(jobs-to-be-done), from user journeys to requirements, from flowcharts to wireframes and from functional design to visual design of website and applications.

I enjoy every bit of work I do.


● User Experience Design (Mockups, Wireframes, & Prototypes)

● User Interface design (Desktop & Mobile)

● User Experience Research

● User Experience Architecture

● Illustration Design

● Creative input (Strategic, Conceptual & Innovation)

● Usability testing

● User Stories

● User Interviews

Favorite Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Axure, Invision, Balsamiq, Pencil & Paper


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Chennai Area, India
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User experience is a high-demand skillset. In days gone by, products were a combination of what the designer thought would be cool and what the client thought w...

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