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John Velez

Ponce, PR | Member since January 19, 2018

Hello I'm John, I'm 26 years old. I want you to know that you are able to achieve anything if you focus on yourself and I can deliver the right tools to do that. You might find that there is a better version of ourselves waiting to be "installed" and we keep clicking "remind me later" because we are scared to upgrade ourselves, because we have lived in our comfort zone for so many time that we actually don't know that there is a better lifestyle out there. We need to discover all the great things that are waiting for us and all this you can achieve it with the right mindsets and approaches. 

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Ponce, PR
Posted 1 year ago

Hello, this is an exclusive class on how to build confidence and becoming the best version of yourself to finally find the love life that you've always wanted t...

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