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Yohan Wadia

Lithuania | Member since March 15, 2018

ANDROID Programming & App Development

As a Teacher I want to extend immediate and industry level learning to students. I am here to get you super strong on the basics and roll you through real life examples & code. I do not support old methods where tutors waste a students time & money in reinventing the wheel or making them learn everything by heart. So after giving you a super foundation, lets not waste time and dive right into- Real stuff from Real life situations, with real examples that I have made. At the end of the every lecture I would want you to be able to get closer and closer to your dream of being a programmer and earning money through your knowledge. Through all those steps the only relevant pausing, can be from your-side when you have a doubt. 



Same as above, I believe in bringing you the essense of treating your mind with meditation. NOT involving you in lengthy time & money consuming stuff. When I was in India, I travelled widely, to different places and Gurus, to know the basic crux of the subject. To know the truth. And it pains me to tell you, the Meditation that is being taught by todays instructors in the west is nothing but a money making racket with clan building ideas. I want to give you the real thing on a platter. Then your sadhana will make you bare the fruits that are due to you. You will eventually see how the energies of physical yoga & chinese accupressure all connect to the process of stilling your mind. Allow me to give you the most beautiful truth mankind has clad in utter confusion & fakeness.

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Android Development - Advanced

Meditation - Advanced

Posted 1 year ago

Will teach you everything there is to learn about Android App development. I will spend a little time to teach you the basics and make your logic strong. You wi...

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