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Cherie Fourie

Lephalale, South Africa | Member since March 23, 2018

Ex-teacher/councellor/ business owner with a passion for changing people's mindset/thinking...

Currently staying in a small town in south Africa.

I know a lot about life- I have seen the under side and bright side , both

I know even more about children- I have taught them for many years as teacher from youngest age to school leaving age and can help them cope with goals and school pressure- even peer pressure. I have always been a child who struggled with peer pressure, ordering my surroundings and self-image....

To be a success is to know yourself ; your weaknesses and strengths and manage them so they can propell you forward.


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Lephalale, South Africa
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Surviving retrenchment

Posted 1 year ago

For any woman struggling to cope with the loss of income, purpose and depression -  I offer expert advise from a biblical perspective

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