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Elena Rohrwasser

Reims, France | Member since March 23, 2018


I am an Italian university student currently studying in France. I can teach Italian, English and Portuguese at all levels, French at introductory and intermediary level. My goal is to make you able to express your thoughts, dive into a foreign culture and literature, be able to effectively communicate with a country's natives. To wrap it up, my goal is to make you discover the inner beauty of these languages.

I am ready to customize my lessons for you and make it as enjoyable as possible! If you want to focus on grammar, I will plan more academic lessons, but if you'd prefer to engage into a conversation or in alternative forms of learning, I will adapt my teaching methods to your specific preferences!

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Skills & Experience

Reims, France
Languages and Linguistics

Portuguese conversation

Posted 1 year ago

I have been spending three months per year in Brazil (Porto Seguro, Bahia) since I was a child. Therefore, I master the language thoroughly. My conversation cla...

Languages and Linguistics

Italian class - all levels

Posted 1 year ago

Have you ever dreamed of going to Italy and being able to fluently communicate with the locals? Or perhaps you'd simply like to sing Italian songs with a better...

Posted 1 year ago

English is the intermediary between all cultures and countries. If you master English, you also master your surroundings. Your social and job-related possibilit...

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