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Keri-Anne Pink

Northampton, United Kingdom | Member since January 13, 2017
I am a creative photographer and blogger. I started blogging around 15 years ago, I spent a few years trying to figure out my style and loved being able to capture beautiful and candid moments that told a story or froze a moment. When my daughters were born, I wanted to create a beautiful story of their childhood through photography, to capture those moments that you wouldn’t normally remember and create a story through the photographs . The girls are both at school and I have set up my own business as a blogger and creative photographer. I am so lucky in that I get to work with amazing brands through social media to create images of their products. To be in with a chance of accessing an exclusive, one-to-one Zeqr session with me, simply hit ’Contact Xpert’ and submit a short explanation for why you would most benefit a bespoke class. Five submissions will then be selected and those chosen will be contacted directly within seven working days to arrange their individual sessions
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Art Blogger Creative Creative Arts Influencer Marketing
Classes completed: 2
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Skills & Experience

Photo Collage - Advanced

Photography - Advanced

Creative - Advanced

Creative Arts - Advanced

Blogger - Advanced

Social Media - Advanced

Influencer Marketing - Advanced

Art - Advanced

Northampton, United Kingdom
Posted 7 months ago

A class to help you develop your own creative photography style, how to tell stories through your photography and how to create a beautiful instagram feed. Ther...

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Laura 17 Mar 2017

Thank you so much for your time and for choosing me to have the first class :) it was so lovely to hear about your blogging and photography experience and have the opportunity to ask questions about Instagram and photography styles.

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