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Bruce Wade

Cape Town | Member since May 25, 2017
Bruce comes from a varied past of corporate and small business experience, with 15 years in the computer sector gaining a strong emphasis on retail, warehousing and supply chain management. Bruce opened his first business in 1998 and has proved himself in developing many entrepreneurial ventures since then. With a short break in the NPO sector doing Business skills development, Bruce returned to his own business to start coaching and education in the entrepreneurial skills sector. The Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy was formed in 2007 and later merged with an accounting firm to create Entrepreneur and Management Solutions in 2016, they have assisted in over 650 new business startups and the development of many more going concerns. Bruce provides entrepreneurial strategic coaching, mentoring and training to a number of businesses both local and international. He is the author of Exploit Yourself, the creator of the Sphere of Mankind and the Business Arrow and currently speaks on the Entrepreneurial and Economic Development circuits. You can find him online on blogs as well as on his weekly Bruce on Business vlog. Bruce has been instrumental in the development of the core Entrepreneurial roadmap of job creation and to alleviate poverty in South Africa.
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Cape Town
Posted 2 years ago

Innovative design and thinking are fast becoming a requirement for small business owners and entrepreneurs. But having good ideas are not always a good idea. It...

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