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Pittsburgh, PA, United States | Member since January 07, 2017
I lost 100 pounds and got to 8% bodyfat. I mastered the art of weight loss and now teach people to do what I've done. I've revised thousands and thousands of routines and helped people change their lives. I have a unique approach when it comes to losing weight, and at first, it will make your head spin, but over time you'll see the how it works. I have mastered the art of meal timing. This mastery has allowed me to keep the weight off. I look great while eating cake, does not get any better than that baby! If you're committed to losing weight and sculpting your dream body in the quickest and healthiest way possible, I can help you!
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Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Posted 2 years ago

I've lost 100 pounds, and I have revised over four thousand routines changing people's lives every day. You can be next to experience all of the information and...

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