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Ilya Bodrov

Moscow, Russia | Member since June 01, 2017
I am a consulting developer, teacher and author with more than 8 years experience. My main technologies are Ruby/Rails, RSpec/Cucumber, JS, jQuery and Elixir. I have started as a Microsoft tutor and gave lectures to the groups of up to 50 people. After that I've decided to become lecturer at the university (MAI-RNU) as I really enjoy teaching and helping people to master new technologies. My teaching is experience is about 7 years. Of course, I am always involved in software development process and for the past years I have worked with numerous companies and people as programmer and mentor. I participated in startups, worked as a freelancer, gave 1-to-1 lessons to help fellow coders enhance their applications and much more. I am also trying to learn new technologies and trends myself to deliver my clients the best experience. Some testimonials can be found on my website and LinkedIn profile. Also I write (a lot!) technical articles and record videos. My tutorials, screencasts and courses can be found all over the net on the sites like Tuts+, Sitepoint, PhraseApp and some others. It is really cool to help people, so that's why I've decided to join zeqr!
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Skills & Experience

Rails - Advanced

Ruby - Advanced

Ruby On Rails - Advanced

Web Development - Advanced

JavaScript + jQuery + Ajax - Advanced

Object Oriented Programming - Advanced

Functional Programming - Intermediate

Test Automation - Advanced

Teaching - Intermediate

Elearning - Intermediate

Writing - Intermediate