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Leo Jeusset

Luleå, Sweden | Member since February 16, 2017

Hello! I am a French software engineer / developer who leaves up north in Sweden. I have worked for several companies as a developer and researcher, including a Canadian company, Orange in Rennes, and a research team in Luleå. For the past 5 - 6 years I have been working remotely for companies around the globe as a full-stack web developer with various techs: Ember, express, ES6, PHP, Python, ... I spent a good part of last year preparing and teaching courses about Javascript (ES6) and Node.js, express and MongoDB. I am always looking forward to help people learn and sharpen their skills! I am currently learning Elm and Elixir to get ready for next gen' PWA. Look forward for a couple of classes about this topic once I'm ready :)

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Skills & Experience

JavaScript - Advanced

Programming - Advanced

Developer - Advanced

Software Engineer - Advanced

Software Developer - Advanced

Web Developer - Advanced

Web App - Advanced

Web Programming - Advanced

Game Developer - Novice

Single Page Website - Advanced

French - Advanced

Java - Advanced

PHP - Intermediate

C# Developer - Intermediate

Mongodb - Advanced

Express - Advanced

Project Management - Advanced

Scrum - Advanced

Jira - Advanced

Git - Advanced

Python - Advanced

Pyramid - Intermediate

Codeigniter - Intermediate

Laravel - Intermediate

Sql - Advanced

Sqlite - Advanced

Mysql - Advanced

Node.js - Advanced

Material - Intermediate

Sails.js - Advanced

Full-stack developer - Advanced

Mongoose - Advanced



Luleå, Sweden
Web development

General consulting

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