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Richard Heiney

Brno, Czechia | Member since July 20, 2017

I'm a highly trained hypnotist and coach.

An expert at stop smoking for middle aged people who smoke two or more packs a day and tried to quit a couple times in the past and failed.

I like to call myself "hypnotist without borders" since my office is online and I accept people from any country, ethnicity, or culture.

It is my mission to be a force of good in this world using the skills which I've obtained through hundreds of hours of training with the top trainers of this age.

My online programs have reached thousands of people in 127 countries.

You can check out my website at:

It would be my pleasure to share with you knowledge of the power of your mind so that you can easily realize you can accomplish anything.

Other than that I have great passion for languages - especially Japanese and Chinese.

I've been involved with Japanese since 2008 and I teach beginners on the internet with my Japanese friend.

I plan on releasing a Chinese course in the future as well.

I'm involved with other interesting stuff as well but I'm not ready to teach that just yet, but you stay tuned in because it's going to be worth the while :)

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Brno, Czechia
Personal Transformation

Hypnosis: Relax And Grow Rich

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Stress happens when we do too much or think too much all at once. We get overwhelmed which can paralyze you into doing nothing - also known as procrastination....

Personal Transformation

Hypnosis: Confidence For Men

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Having a hard time talking to women? There is a cute girl over there and yet you're terrified of talking to her. What's the deal with that? Why can't it be easy...

Posted 5 days ago

Deciding to do something and then end up totally not doing it...... TODO list is getting larger and very little is happening around that. Isn't that weird? You...

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Have you been trying to quit smoking but find it impossible? Smoking several packs too many and don't know how to smoke less? Have tried to stop smoking several...

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