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Rose Osman

Selangor Malaysia | Member since May 12, 2017
I'm a Transformation Coach and an Energy Analyst. My specialities are in Transcending Awareness, Emotion and Energy by guiding the force and energy flow into harmonic patterns. I'm a natural Intuitive Advisor that analyse crisis and potentials and provide solutions for individuals and businesses. Apart of that, I also enjoy overview analysis on Human Design and coach people on Decision Making Strategy. I coach individuals to be leaders and to lead through their higher Awareness and nurture compassion in their leadership. My guidance helps clients to attain right goals for their life and businesses, and also enhance healing for their emotional crisis, anxiety and nervousness. I have six years experience in Energy Coaching and ten years experiences in Logistic Management and Operation. My tagline is a Different Kind of Motivation; a motivation that guides you to be yourself instead of proving yourself.
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Selangor Malaysia
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