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Steven Ericsson-Zenith

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When we are unable to look upon the world without considering a particular set of ideas we may call that view a "religion." In this sense, science is a religion. In our experience "Intension," what Benjamin Peirce (1809-1880) would have called "our Will," has a direct effect on our motion. This idea led the Harvard astronomer and mathematician (in 1855) to say that the base of all force is "spiritual." It would be a mistake to dismiss this idea out of hand because it is indeed the case that our sense and thoughts change how we move, they affect our motion. My research focuses on the foundations of logic and apprehension at the intersection of computation and biophysics. I am a mathematician, a biophysical theorist, a computational scientist and engineer and, more recently, I have become a cosmologist. It is my goal to place biophysics, including an account of sensation and mind, in the physical sciences. I treat logic and epistemology as a natural science, rejecting logicism, with the goal of building the bridge between pure mathematics and the physical sciences. To my surprise, this work now extends into theoretical physics, astrophysics, and cosmology more generally. I am also an accomplished engineer and hacker, and I will ultimately return to building machines.
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San Francisco Bay Area
Posted 2 years ago

An introduction to the role of sensation and the mind in biophysical motions, both from the historical perspective and today's biophysical advanced research.

Posted 2 years ago

A course in the foundations of logic and apprehension, informed by recent results in biophysics. How are we to place sensation and the mind into the world and w...

Posted 2 years ago

Despite his invention of the term "Big Bang" Fred Hoyle held a very different view of cosmology. This great English astronomer and mathematician argued for both...

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